Hello, My name is Raffaella and I come from Milan .  Since 2007 me and my husband Andrea moved to Ivrea (near Turin ) with my cats. We are both doctors in veterinary medicine and we love all animals, especially cats.

My love for cats began when I was a baby. Probably I started to study veterinary medicine because I loved cats so much. I've grown up with my house cat Lucky who was my 10th birthday present. Lucky left me after 19 years of together life and I sware that I wouldn't have any other cats because no one would be the same as her.

During these three years many things changed my life: a new job, a new house with Andrea and a new arrival: Artù. Artù is a “fat” house cat that Andrea saved  and that we brought home from the animal clinic.  

After the adoption of Artù I wanted to have other cats and I said to myself: why not taking  a birman cat with me, since it was the cat of my dreams while reading many years ago the book of all cat breeds?

And so Ginevra came to our house; she is a beautiful chocolate tabby birman girl born in the cattery of Dino D'Innocenzo and Maura Gallani in Lodi . In expos Ginevra got many nominations and Best in Variety and she is now European Champion. Of course Artù was desexed and he is only a friend of Ginevra.

I would like also to explain to you the name of my small cattery: Del Lago Dei Cigni. In English it stands for Swan Lake . Peaple who lives with birman cats know how they move, how they look at you.... they seem to be regal as swans that swim quietly  in the lake. Tchaikovski describes them wonderfully  in the ballet " Swan Lake ".

In april 2006 our lilac tabby Sophia was born from Ginevra and Djambo. She stayed with us because of her beautiful  look and her "love for life". In fact she purrs all the time!

If you have a Birman cat you understand how it is easy to want one more and more... In August 2007 Narwen Evenstar (Arwen) was born. She is the daughter of our Sophia and the first Italian Junior Winner, E.C. Faerie Kiss Lailoken. In six months she got many nominations and 7 Best in Variety! In May 2009 a new pricess joined us: I had the chance to see how Faerie Kiss Pucelle As Blanches Mains (Pulzella) was growing up: I told my friend Roberta (Faerie Kiss Birmans) that this fantastic birman girl had to stay in Italy ! Pulzella won also some Best in Shows but she doesn't like baths and expos at all: this is why I keep her at home most of the time!

I'd like to thank my webmaster and friend Nadia Toffanello (Dark Alchemy Birmans) who worked with so much passion  and patience on this new web site! I hope you will enjoy the visit!